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Apex Plastics, we are your blow molding manufacturing experts.

     As a FDA registered, ISO 9001:2008 registered plastics blow molding manufacturer, we specialize in custom and proprietary blow-molded bottles, containers and shapes. Here at Apex Plastics, we are dedicated to a world class quality management system which allows us to provide superb customer service and quick turn-around for short-to-medium production runs. 
From large diameter to small diameter and in a wide variety of configurations, we're capable of blow molding for just about every application and level of complexity.  In addition to offering extrusion blow molding and secondary operations, we work regularly with other major packaging manufacturers, contact fillers, and packaging decorators to offer our customers a wide variety of packaging solutions.  

     At Apex Plastics, we have over 40 years of accumulated knowledge that we bring to every blow molded project. Design engineering and molding expertise for custom products are hallmarks of our company. By taking advantage of an experienced staff and state of the art equipment, we've streamlined our custom blow molding processes to ensure that we can provide low cost, high quality blow molding solutions to our customers. Whether your project involves unique shapes, specialized features, innovative finishes – or just about anything else you can dream up, we'll work with you to develop an economical solution that meets your objectives and needs. If your project can be blow molded, we can find a way to do it. 

     While maintaining dozens of customer molds, we also have a large variety of in-house, stock molds. Click on the 'Products' tab above to view our in-house selections. 


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