Apex Plastics adds New Bekum H-155

Apex Plastics adds New Bekum H-155

Extrusion blow molding manufacturer adds machine, increasing capacity and efficiencies

Brookfield, MO, March 24, 2016 – Extrusion plastics blow molder, Apex Plastics, recently purchased and installed a new Bekum H-155 blow molding machine to its Brookfield, Missouri facility.  The machine gives Apex a third Bekum H-155 machine, all three added in the last four years. 

Bekum’s H-155 extrusion blow molding machines are capable of producing a variety of products, from small bottles to large handleware.  With multiple heads available, Apex Plastics is able to produce a wide variety of bottles and containers in various sizes and cavitations. Apex started to run projects for various bottles and containers in the new machine as soon as it was installed, and has been able to keep the machine busy in the short time it has been running.

“By adding the new Bekum H-155, we will be able to improve lead times and meet the increasing demand for our products,” said Apex president Damon Neff. “It is yet another example of our commitment to providing high quality blow molded bottles and containers as well as great customer service.”

The new Bekum gives Apex the ability to accommodate the growth the company is experiencing. Over the past four years, Apex has invested nearly $4.5 million in upgraded equipment and facilities to grow with client needs.

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