Apex Plastics Announces Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New Warehouse

Apex Plastics Announces Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New Warehouse

Brookfield, MO – Apex Plastics, and PCE Inc’s CEO, Sam Featherston, and CFO, Sheli Carpenter, will commemorate the completion of the company’s new warehouse, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The ceremony will take place at Apex Plastics on May 16th, 2019 at 11 am.

The construction began back in May of 2018, and the project concluded in November of 2018. With over 22,000 square feet of expansion, the new warehouse has allowed Apex Plastics to continue growing its business.


"We are very excited to celebrate this new accomplishment," Said Damon Neff, President of Apex Plastics. "With this project completed, we continue to plan for future growth."


Apex Plastics will also host an open house on the same day, inviting people to tour this new state-of-art warehouse.  Apex Plastics is located at 570 S Main St in Brookfield, MO.



About Apex Plastics
Plastics blow molding manufacturer, Apex Plastics, specializes in low-cost, high-quality custom and proprietary blow-molded bottles, containers and shapes. Apex was purchased by PCE in 1993.  The company is equipped to handle a wide variety of run sizes and configurations. For more information, visit 

PCE Inc., a privately held corporation founded in 1993, has three divisions with manufacturing capabilities in blow-molding, injection molding and profile extrusion. HTI Plastics and Lincoln Plastics are located in Lincoln, NE, while Apex Plastics is located in Brookfield, MO.  PCE, Inc., serves customers across the global and offers solutions for every size of company. www.pce.us.com