Apex Plastics Capital Investment Expands Capacity

Apex Plastics Capital Investment Expands Capacity

Apex Plastics made a significant investment this year by purchasing a Bekum H-155 Blow Molder with MTM Systems 2001D takeout and deflash down-line. Together, these components offer precise, optimized machine control for high speed production with up to 8 cavitations, which will increase productivity and virtually eliminate downtime. Staying ahead of the competition and utilizing the latest technology has always been our goal at Apex Plastics.

“With the addition of this new machine and down line equipment, we are a step ahead and on the edge of technology to better serve our customers in precision molding of plastic containers,” stated Damon Neff, division president.

An added option was the deflash station to remove scrap flash from handleware or other non-captive blown bottles.

As a division of PCE Inc.,  Apex Plastics benefits from the corporate commitment to capital investments in blow molding equipment that help maintain high product quality, while improving efficiencies and reducing energy consumption.

Bekum h155