Apex Plastics Year in Review

Apex Plastics Year in Review

2015 has been a great year here at Apex.  We have made great strides in many areas as we continue to grow and improve.  We continue to update our facilities, upgrade our equipment and make every effort, through training and equipment, to provide the highest quality plastic bottles and canisters in the market.  All of our efforts this year and over the past few years have set us up to have an even better 2016, and provide top-of-the-line customer service to all of our customers.

Busy Year

This past year has been an incredibly busy one for us.  With our dedicated staff and the upgrades we have made to our facilities as well as the new equipment we have purchased, we were able to keep up with the demand.  We produced more bottles in 2015 than we produced in any other year in the history of Apex Plastics.  In fact, we produced over 4 million more bottles than we produced in 2014.

Prepared for Growth

As busy as 2015 was we are prepared to take on even more in 2016.  To prepare for the growth of our company we have purchased a new Bekum H-155 in the fourth quarter of 2015, along with a MTM take out system.  Both are scheduled to be delivered in February of 2016, and will be operational by March 2016.  In total we have invested over $5 million in our plant and equipment since 2012.  All in an effort to continually improve on our already high-quality bottles, containers and canisters and to increase capacity so we can better serve our customers.

Quality Oriented

This past October we passed our annual ISO 9001:2008 surveillance audit with flying colors, and plan to conform to the new 9001:2015 standards when we go through our recertification audit in 2016.  Additionally we installed and implemented the use of the AVID Quik Chek vision measuring system as a tool to monitor bottle quality and plant efficiency.  The Quik Chek is a vision-based dimensional measurement system designed specifically to measure bottle and preform thread dimensions, diameters and attributes.

Feet on the Ground

In March of 2014 we added a full-time sales manager.  Bryan Hagan hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped yet.  Bryan brought with him a wealth of knowledge in the plastics industry and has been a great addition to the Apex team.  Bryan continued to meet with customers both new and old in 2015 as he will in 2016.  There is a good chance Bryan has called on you already!  Call or email Bryan today to schedule a plant visit or meeting to discuss your needs and to find out how Apex can help you achieve your goals for 2016.
In addition; Damon, Nick, Ed, Serenity and all of our staff are a phone call or email away at our Brookfield, Missouri facility.
It is an exciting time at Apex Plastics, and we look forward to working with you in 2016. 

We wish you all a very happy holiday season and prosperous new year!
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