BackBottle Case Study

BackBottle Case Study

Creator of the Fit It Stick Partners with Apex Plastics to Produce his Next Invention; The BackBottle

At Apex Plastics, we offer a wide variety of stock bottles and containers.  We produce a wide range of blow-molded bottles, containers and specialty parts in sizes ranging from 2 to 128 ounce bottle capacity.  We also are experts at custom projects.  Recently we had an exciting project come our way, the BackBottle.


You may be wondering, what is the BackBottle?  The BackBottle was created by Brian Davis, the creator of the Fix It Sticks. Brian is a cyclist, and the idea for the BackBottle came to him over the summer during some long rides.  The BackBottle design allows a cyclist to easily place and replace the bottle into a rear jersey pocket.  The flat back of the bottle enhances comfort and minimizes roll when climbing or sprinting. The bottle holds 18 ounces of fluid. It is top-shelf dishwasher safe, BPA free, 100% made in the USA and made from squeezable LDPE plastic.


Essentially the BackBottle combines a bottle and a hydration pack into one small, portable package,said Brian Davis, founder of Fix It Sticks. Last year I went on many long rides and was constantly having to adjust my route for gas stations and stops in a three hour ride. I had the idea then, but the tipping point was at a cyclocross race when I was told no hand ups were allowed, even for water. With no cages on my cross bike, I got to work.”


Brian went to work to find a blow-molding company to help make his vision come to fruition.  After frustration set in, due to lack of response from companies he had called, Brian was referred to Apex Plastics.  From the first email Brian sent to Nick Hansen, Apex Plastics Operations Manager, the manufacturing process started moving quickly and professionally.  


Getting the BackBottle to market quickly was essential to get the product introduced in time for cycling season.  Communication is key getting things right the first time and getting things done in an efficient manner.   Apex was able to communicate not only with the mold shop, but also keep the customer in the loop throughout the process.  This is not an easy task for a product that has never been made before, but the process was efficient, accurate and well communicated. 


When Brian came to us, he had the design close to completion.  We worked closely with the mold builder, Creative Blow Mold, Inc., and Brian throughout the project as some slight tweaks were made to the bottle and the neck dimensions were finalized.  The unique shape of the bottle required an off-set parting line.  The sampling and initial production were scheduled based on the mold completion date provided by the builder at the onset of the project.  The tool for this product is a single cavity mold built to run on a Hayssen 2125 or a Hayssen 2150. By keeping open lines of communication with all parties we were able to hit the dates we promised.  From the initial mold/part quotes to completion of the first order was approximately three months, and the time we got the go ahead on the mold to the completion of the first order was close to two months.  To ensure the BackBottle was the highest quality possible, we worked with a blend of FDA materials.  In order to provide the necessary flexibility and durability needed we ended up using a custom blend for this product.  As part of the custom blend we added HDPE to the LDPE to make the bottle firmer.  We spin trimmed the bottle due to the size of the neck. Spin trimming is necessary to produce large necks.  This is a secondary operation we excel at, at Apex Plastics.  We are proud of the work we did on the BackBottle, and know we produced a high quality, great looking product for our customer in a timely manner.


Brian Davis said, “All the timelines Apex quoted me were accurate. I value accuracy more than speed in my suppliers and Apex delivered both.  Customer service, shipping, quoting and account set up contacts at Apex delivered an outstanding customer service experience.  I am very happy to have Apex Plastics as a partner on this project and I am hoping to continue the relationship for a long time to come.”


This is hardly the first custom project we have worked on at Apex Plastics, and we know it won’t be the last.  If you have a project, vision or idea Apex Plastics is here to help it become a reality.  We enjoy working with people who are as passionate about the industry they are in as we are about the blow-molded plastics industry.  Brian Davis is definitely one of those people, check out his product that got it all started, Fix It Sticks ( and of course the BackBottle (  Also, be sure to check out his kickstarter campaign for the BackBottle at 


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