Blow Molding Manufacturing Training Ensures Product Quality

Blow Molding Manufacturing Training Ensures Product Quality

At Apex Plastics, our employees are at the heart of everything that we make. When consistency and quality assurance are as important as they are to us, it is essential to have a workforce that is happy, healthy, passionate, and informed.

The job of training is neApex trainingver done, and we are always improving! Every Apex employee regularly gets job-specific training on:

         Quality attributes
         Safety practices
         Record keeping
         Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs)

We also utilize training progams specific to each employee position and on-the-job training on tasks and processes. And, besides our standard training procedures, we also like to have plastics industry experts come and share their knowledge and skills.

We recently had Lew Ferguson come to our facility to with his specialized plastics manufacturing training program. Lew has over 40 years of experience in the blow molding industry and is widely recognized and respected. He brought with him an extrusion blow molding training program he created for the Pennsylvania College of Technology, an institution whose Plastics Innovation Center is regarded as the best in the nation for research, development, and education in our field. Lew's and Pennsylvania College of Technology's areas of expertise include injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and thermoforming.

Training topics included advantages and disadvantages of blow molding, making die adjustments and fixing parison curl, and advanced parison programming and shaping. Lew spoke about utilizing check sheets to identify areas for improvement, minimizing die lines, and the importance of managing and handling regrind properly. Training sessions like this are an integral part of the programs that keep Apex Plastics’ employees sharp and ready to make the best plastic bottles and containers possible.