Fall 2012 Newsletter

Fall 2012 Newsletter

Capacity Expands with New Top-Rated Press

Apex Plastics recently added a larger-capacity blow molding machine to its production facility, significantly increasing efficiency as well as its molding capabilities. The new Bekum H-155 Blow Molder, equipped with an MTM Systems 2001D dual grip takeaway system, is capable of 8-cavity production at 100mm center distances. The Bekum brand is known throughout the industry for its top quality and high efficiency.
Although the new blow molder was purchased to better serve existing markets, it also enables the company to run larger bottles at higher cavitation.  Apex is now in a prime position to fulfill orders for high-production clients. As a result, the acquisition already has begun to attract new business including customers who are interested in transferring an existing mold.
 Bekum 155 8092

Downstream from the new press and takeaway system is a new deflash station that mechanically separates the container from the flash. The deflash station utilizes a new quick change design to reduce change over time.  With this added equipment, Apex is better suited for the production of handleware and other non-captive blown containers. The new machinery will be integrated into Apex’s comprehensive periodic maintenance program and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines. Future plans include upgrading various extrusion heads for the mold press.
Apex Plastics is committed to continuous and ongoing improvements to its services, facilities, and processes to better serve existing customers and build new business relationships with potential clients. With significant investments in cutting-edge technologies, such as the Bekum H-155 Blow Molder, Apex secures long-term partnerships within a discriminating market for clients who have rigorous demands. In addition to meeting those demands, the higher capacities and enhanced efficiency delivered by this latest acquisition help streamline costs, which benefit both Apex and our customers.

Build Strong Vendor RelationshipsPartnership graphic

Having solid relationships with vendors is critical to every organization’s success. If your suppliers operate as partners, it should result in your ability to increase efficiency and reduce expenses. It can also mean saying yes to occasional last-minute, almost-impossible-to-meet, demands from customers.
To ensure that you’re making the most of your vendor relationships, here are a few strategies to follow:

Explain your goals.

At the start of a relationship – or midstream if need be – review what you need from the relationship. Fast turnaround? Written progress reports? Confidentiality if the vendor is working with any of your competitors? Define your guidelines. A new vendor needs to be “trained” much like a new employee.

Plan ahead.

When you plan your purchases in advance, you reduce the risk of missing your delivery dates to customers. Be proactive; ask vendors what you can do to reduce costs. Place orders electronically? Consolidate shipments? They may be able to offer discounts not available if you always place orders at the 11th hour.

Ask for help.

A smart, dedicated vendor will know your business as well as their own. Welcome sales reps who offer to visit and look at your operations; they may be able to suggest ways to improve how you work together. 

Value your relationship.

If you treat your vendors with respect, you’ll find them to be far more attentive. If there’s an issue, work to resolve it in a calm, professional and polite manner.

Finally, focus on value, not price. You’ll still want to periodically check prices with competitors to ensure you’re paying a fair price. But if you discover a better deal elsewhere, don’t assume you’ve been taken advantage of from the start. Give your current vendor the chance to lower their price to keep your business – or explain why they can’t – or remind you of the services they provide that others don’t.