The Modern Round

The Modern Round

The number of shapes and sizes of plastic bottles sometimes seems infinite.  Chances are if you can dream it we can mold it.  Does that mean every product should have its own custom bottle?  Absolutely not!  There are a number of tried and true shapes in the market that may be perfect for your next project.  One of these shapes that works well for a wide variety of products is the Modern Round.

The Modern Round is offered in a number of sizes from 4 ounces to 35 ounces (1035ML) and several different neck configurations depending on bottle size.  The large, indented label panel makes the bottle ideal pressure sensitive labels or for screen printing and makes sure that your label is protected from wear during transit or while on the shelf. 

Apex Plastics stocks four different sizes of Modern rounds with 28-410 necks .  These stock bottles are available in natural HDPE, as well as white and peroxide brown.  All of the Apex Plastics stock Modern Rounds are produced with resins and colors that meet FDA requirements for food contact.  Only need a box?  No problem.  In most cases we are able to ship our stock bottles within 24 hours of your order.

Apex Modern Rounds – Stock Bottles:
SizeNeckNaturalWhitePerioxcide Brown
4 oz              28-410               Yes            Yes            Yes
8 oz28-410YesYesYes
16 oz28-410YesYesYes
32 oz         28-410        Yes         Yes          Yes

We know that in some cases a stock bottle isn’t going to meet your needs.  Do you have specific compliance requirements or need a custom color?  Are you using a closure other than 28-410?  We can help.  We work with a variety of resin distributers and color manufacturers that will allow us to meet your needs.

Apex Modern Rounds – All sizes & available neck configurations:
Size24-410 28-400 28-410 28-410DL38-400
4 ozXX
8 ozXX
16 ozXX
525 mlX
32 ozXX
1035 mlXX

When it comes to packaging your product one size definitely doesn’t fit all.  However, the Modern Round offered at Apex Plastics is a tried and true design that is able to fit a wide variety of applications.  Contact our friendly staff for samples today.  We would love to be part of your product’s success.