The Option Pak

The Oval Container with Options

Consumers want a versatile, handy, functional, and convenient package that is easy to use, store, and take along with them. Brand Owners want packaging that attracts the buyer, represents the brand and offers flexibility.

The Option Pak oval is a versatile, portable, innovative package that will guarantee shelf impact for any brand. Its packaging that is perfect for wipe applications, pharmaceutical product, animal health products, industrial, snacks and food!


Lots of Size Options

Choose a size or customize

We are your one source for both the canister and the lid. The styling of the Option Pak allows you ample surface for your branding, labeling, name and information. We offer you several choices in canister sizes and lid styles, along with the choices in resins and colors.

Material Selection

You control package composition

You are in control of package composition. Whether a package is made of HDPE, PP, LDPE, or a combination of resins, it’s your decision. Our resin experts will work with you to ensure material selections meet requirements you need for life expectancy, structural integrity, finished appearance, and cost expectations.

Lid Options

Choose or customize

If you don’t see the lid insert you need, our experienced HTI designers and toolmakers can design and build a custom insert to fit the need of your product. Want a different size canister? Our experienced team will create the mold to meet all functional specifications and your brand identity. You can even have your logo placed on the insert.

We're In This For The Duration

Finding the right plastics manufacturer takes time, and it’s an investment. That’s why we work hard to help you from inception to ongoing order fulfillments. We’re here for you every step of the way to make sure you get the service you need so that you can serve your customers.