Quality Assurance at Apex

Quality Assurance at Apex

The backbone of any good Quality Assurance program is a solid Quality Management System (QMS). By adhering to the requirements of QMS, we can be assured that the appropriate work is being completed on each product. Apex Plastics is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.

This means our QMS meets internationally recognized standards in areas such as Control of Documents, Control of Records, Competence, Training & Awareness, Customer-Related Processes, Purchasing Process, Purchasing Information, Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment, Internal Audit, and Corrective and Preventive Action.

You'll find the Apex Plastic Quality Policy posted visibly throughout our production facility. Find out just what it is here!

Apex Plastics Quality Policy

We are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality products, providing timely production, and creating an atmosphere of continuous improvement where all employees strive to meet our customers' expectations.

Basically, we want to make sure our customers get a good product -- on time, every time. And we will never stop working to get better!

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How Do We Do That?

Customer Service

High-quality products begin with attentive customer service. We review all purchase orders to make sure we can satisfy the customer before accepting the order. If something is amiss or we have any questions, we contact the customer to fix it before beginning any work. Once everything is agreed upon, we confirm the order and provide a completion date.


It is all in the ingredients! Apex only uses resins and colorants from reputable vendors, ensuring that our products are high quality and consistent. We maintain records of all our materials manufacturers and constantly monitor their performance.


All of our production employees are trained using standardized training curriculum and work instructions. Regardless of position, everyone is taught our Basic Production Principles, including the quality attributes of plastic bottles. Each employee also takes a refresher course on Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Documentation Practices at least once a year.

At Apex, we provide the training as needed to make sure every employee on a project is fully trained on job-specific work instructions. Every production run comes with a unique set of instructions regarding bottle quality specifications, attributes, and special requirements -- and we don't begin until training is complete.


Before production begins, we produce a work order stating that project's product requirements. A member of our QA team uses the work order to create a product specification sheet that will be available to everyone handling the product throughout the course of production. Proper material and colorant is verified and a set of first-piece bottles is created. The first-piece bottles become the standard by which the other bottles in the production run will be judged.

Throughout production, auditors conduct checks of bottles at a number of documented intervals. These careful inspections cover overall product specification, product weight, product color, and a variety of other attributes critical to the part. We make accurate and extensive records of each measurement taken during these inspections, each of which is reviewed again by our Lead Quality Technician. After one last visual spot check, perfect packaged products are released to the warehouse for shipment. We'll also make a set of last-piece bottles to keep on hand until the beginning of the next production run as reference bottles.


All of our finished goods are shrink wrapped on pallets and carefully loaded onto the customer’s requested carrier. A detailed bill of lading and packing list are prepared for and included in every Apex shipment.