Winter 2012 Newsletter

Winter 2012 Newsletter

Customer Service: A Way of Life

You might already know Apex for our innovative ISO 9001:2008 blow molding capabilities, but do you know we also can say humbly that we have a reputation for first-rate customer service?

We are as proud of that accomplishment as anything we do. In the blow molding industry, swift turnaround, personal service and uncompromising quality can be hard to achieve. However, we have made a commitment to provide the best service our customers will ever experience, not just in our industry, but anywhere. Sam Featherston, CEO of PCE, Inc. believes first hand in their customer service. “Communicating this core value to all employees regularly and then letting the employees see that this belief is also communicated to the customers makes it become more of a way of doing business.”
One key to our customer service success is our modest size. Customers are able to speak directly with staff members who take great pride in finding the best ways to fulfill customer needs. In fact, at the heart of our operation lies direct and personal communication. For example, when anyone calls Apex Plastics, they are greeted by a human being—not an automated menu. Here is another example of Apex-style communication: Purchase orders are confirmed the same day more than 90% of the time, which means minimal waiting periods for purchasing agents.
I’m happy to say our customers also enjoy prompt order fulfillment and superb quality. Operating under critical delivery dates, our warehouse manager has worked with customers to pinpoint the quickest shipping channels at the lowest rates, saving them the legwork it takes to get product delivered on time, every time. For established customers with unique needs, we even have been known to stock inventory based on forecasted needs. Flexibility in production scheduling has helped us meet on-time production dates 95.66% of the time, while our tight and efficient scheduling protocols ensure that no order falls outside its delivery date.
All of this helps our customers sustain thriving relationships with their customers. Long-standing customers have grown so accustomed to prompt turnaround, purchase order due dates sometimes simply read, “ASAP!”
 I would like to personally extend my deep appreciation to our clients for trusting us, and giving us an opportunity to show what we can do. We look forward to being a part of your continued growth and success.
Damon Neff
President, Apex Plastics

Apex Plastics Oval Containers

New Ovals

Recently, Apex Plastics realized the company’s four-ounce oval mold needed to be replaced. It was understandable—we had run millions bottles on the mold. As we researched options for new molds, we discovered we could improve cost effectiveness by ordering a mold that could handle three different sizes. This would allow us to grow our flat oval container product line. The wide flat shape makes these containers easy to squeeze and hold products such as lotions and shampoos.
Before spending the money on the mold, we polled our top customers to see if they had a need for six- or eight-ounce containers. Their feedback was positive enough to convince us to invest in the new mold. Now, in addition to four- and 12-ounce oval bottles, we offer six- and eight-ounce sizes. Because the new mold is capable of producing three sizes and two neck finishes, we have more options which give our customers the flexibility they need when determining bottle size and neck style.
For example, the new mold can produce different neck designs to accommodate the closure best suited for each market sector. Another benefit to our customers is the new eight-ounce oval bottle is significantly taller than other bottle products like it. This gives it better shelf presence, so our clients’ products stand out, quite literally, to consumers. This feature of the bottles already has led to inquiries by existing and potential customers.
Additionally, we built the mold with two neck options to accommodate customers who use two different types of closures. For example, a customer could offer the same shampoo in eight ounce bottles with two different flip-top closures to see if the closure makes a difference in consumer selection.
The new multi-size oval bottle mold is just one example of Apex Plastics’ commitment to finding innovative solutions to serve and support our clients, not to mention making their plastics material as cost effective as possible.